For some, large or protruding ears can lower confidence and cause embarrassment. These psychological effects of large ears may manifest during childhood or adulthood. Dr. Mark Ryser may suggest otoplasty, or ear surgery, in Lehi, Utah, to improve the appearance of your ears no matter what your age.

Children are great candidates for ear surgery because they are still growing and their cartilage is very moldable. This makes it easier to reshape the ears. In addition, having this procedure performed at an early age can avoid the teasing that may come from having large or protruding ears.

Our cosmetic surgeon will perform otoplasty under local anesthesia in our state-of-the-art facility. First, an incision is made where the ear attaches to the head. The cartilage is shaped and removed as needed until the desired look is achieved. Permanent sutures will be placed to hold the cartilage in its new position. You may experience some discomfort after surgery. Soft bandages and dressings, which should be worn for several days, will be applied to protect your ears. Do not sleep on your side for about a week. Dr. Mark Ryser will provide additional post-op instructions to allow you to protect your ears and ensure the success of your surgery.

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