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Your wisdom teeth are third molars that aren’t usually necessary for the tasks you perform each day, which is why they are oftentimes extracted. Typically, wisdom teeth do more harm than good. To find out if you need to extract your wisdom teeth, it’s best to visit our expert doctor, Dr. Mark Ryser. You can also look out for signs and symptoms, like:

-A crowded mouth: Oftentimes the mouth doesn’t have room for the wisdom teeth because the mouth is already pretty crowded trying to find room for your 32 permanent teeth. When you don’t have a large enough jaw to fit your permanent and wisdom teeth, tooth extraction is necessary to prevent complication.

-Gum pain: If you have gum pain near the wisdom teeth, that is a sign of infection. This is common for partially erupted wisdom teeth because bacteria get trapped in the area. Extraction is necessary to prevent further infection.

-Crooked wisdom teeth: If your teeth grow into place crookedly, then it can cause many problems. It can make the surrounding teeth shift and move over time, causing misaligned teeth and dental issues, and it can even harm those surrounding teeth. Extraction is the best option to protect the other teeth in the smile.

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