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One of the greatest risks for your health exists in the form of oral accidents and injuries. Because oral accidents and emergencies can arise at any time, they are often difficult to prepare for or prevent. In the event the worst should happen, and you do suffer damage to your head and face, facial trauma treatments will need to be given. This often includes surgery.

If you should suffer a form of facial trauma including knocked out teeth, fractured jaws, facial lacerations, or fractures in your facial bones, including your cheeks, eye sockets, or nose, visit our oral & maxillofacial surgeon at Aspire Surgical to receive the proper treatment.

Our highly specialized team is designed to treat oral & maxillofacial ailments that arise. Furthermore, make sure that you are practicing safe and effective prevention planning techniques for all high-risk activities that you may be involved with. This includes wearing safety gear when playing sports, and buckling up when driving. However, if an oral accident should occur, visit our office or call us today.

Our team can be reached at our office in Lehi, Utah by calling us at 801-768-1155. Dr. Mark Ryser our team look forward to treating any oral accident or facial trauma that may arise. Have a safe and happy holiday season!