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It is important to make sure you keep your smile in optimum health. If for any reason you struggle with your oral hygiene routines or let your mouth fall into disrepair, your mouth can become infected and slowly begin to wear down. Oral pathology is often used to determine if additional treatments and care are needed for your mouth. Through the use of oral pathology, we can detect the following issues:

– A sore throat that frequently returns even after it is treated
– The presence of sores that do not easily heal within 2 weeks
– Issues associated with oral and throat cancers
– Patches in your mouth or lumps or thickenings of the lining of your gum tissue
– If your teeth are failing to fit together properly, and there are any irregular signs and symptoms of changes, oral pathology may be able to detect the issues at hand

If you’re showing any diseases or changes within your mouth associated with oral & maxillofacial pathology, contact our office. For a comprehensive exam to determine if there are any issues with your oral health, you’re welcome to schedule oral pathology exams at our office in Lehi, Utah. Aspire Surgical looks forward to giving you the treatments you require. Dr. Mark Ryser and our team hope to see you soon!