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A highly effective treatment that is needed to help improve your smile is done with oral pathology. When visiting our office, our oral and maxillofacial surgeon can give you a comprehensive oral examination to detect any issues in your mouth. Not only can this help improve your oral health, but it can also help diagnose any underlying ailments or conditions that may be present, as well as spot any potential areas of weakness in your oral health care. Some of the benefits of oral pathology include the following:

– Detection of diseases such as mumps, odontogenetic infections, and salivary glands orders
– Oral cancer screenings
– Inspections for difficulties chewing or swallowing
– Any lumps or thickenings inside your mouth can be symptoms of serious ailments including oral cancer
– The detection of numerous oral cancer symptoms including red, white, or speckled patches in your mouth, lumps and bumps present in your face, lips, mouth, or facial areas, and issues with teeth rotating or sliding out of place.
– Detection of chronic sore throat causes
– Oral examinations to determine if any oral appliance such as dentures are no longer fitting properly or functioning effectively

For the aid of an oral pathology treatment in Lehi, Utah, we can be reached at 801-768-1155. Whichever oral health care services are needed to complete your smile, Dr. Mark Ryser and our team here at Aspire Surgical in our office are committed to providing you the treatments you need.