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Do you have any missing or lost teeth? If so, you may need a tooth restoration treatment such as dental implants. However, if your jaw is not strong enough to hold the implants, a bone grafting procedure will be necessary. When a bone grafting procedure is done, additional bone is needed to stabilize the jaw, so a section of bone will be taken from your body or an artificial bone grafting implant will be used.

Bone grafting often takes several months to allow the graft to strengthen along with the bone. Bone grafting treatments assure a patient that their jaw will be strong enough to hold an implant. According to the AAOMS, bone grafts are most useful if your jawbone is too soft, too frail, too thin, or too weak to hold the implant properly. Bone grafting procedures will remove a bone from one section of your body or use a special bone grafting material to graft it onto the jaw bone. In some situations, we can also use bone fragments gathered from a tissue bank.

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